Wednesday, May 25, 2011


copyright Sharie Paulson
I am making progress on my Fig Tree Quilt.  Fig Tree is coming out with a new line of fabric in October.  It is called "Buttercream and Roses."  It is gorgeous as all Fig Tree fabric is.  Since my intentions with this quilt is to have at least one piece of fabric from each line since the beginning (2004) to the end of 2011, I will finish the center of the quilt and save the borders for the new Fig Tree Fabric in Oct.  I will make the back so it will be done and I should be able to finish up shortly after I can get the fabric. 

Now the alligator story...........
My son, Vic, last week, was driving down highway 90.  It is a two lane road.  From a distance he could see that there was something in the road.  But as he said, he sees things in the road all the time.  There are a lot of wild animals that are not too smart about staying off the roadways.  He is traveling roughly about 60miles per hour.  Coming towards him is a semi truck.  He realizes he cannot swerve and about the same time he realizes that there is a 7 foot alligator across his lane of traffic. He did not have any choice except to run over it.  He does not know if he killed it.  If he missed the head and only ran over the tail it may have survived.  They are tough. 

Hope all is well on your end...........

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  1. Hi Sharie. Like the looks of this quilt. Fig Tree has wonderful fabric. I am cutting backgrounds out for the Market Basket Quilt. Decided to get them all cut at once because they are very confusing. Hope to get a couple made this week, but between weather and doc apps may not get to. I bet Vic was not too happy with his accident. Such a shame, hope the alligator survived.