Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Retreat February 2010

I attended a retreat hosted by Quilts Bayou over the past weekend.  It was held at Stone Creek Lodge near Silsbee, TX.  Fun was had by all.  The staff at the Lodge was wonderful.  The food was outstanding and the facility was terrific.  As you can see by the pictures, we were all laid back, sewing in our night clothes to the wee hours of the morning.  Click on the pictures for a better view.   Thank you Quilts Bayou for such a wonderful time.  And thank you to Sharon and all at Stone Creek Lodge for making our stay so enjoyable.  


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  1. Silsbee??? I didn't grow up here in TX, but I'm pretty sure that is close to where I live in Orange as I hear commercials for car dealers in Silsbee often ;)

    Oh what fun it would be to go on a quilting retreat! ;) thanks for sharing show-n-tell photos! which quilt is yours?

    Love from Orange, TX - Bonnie