Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stash Report - 31 Jan 2010

I am moving along a little bit at a time. Today I will do a binding, not much there but it all adds up. That will show up next week. Between now and the 1oth, I will probably use very little fabric. I am preparing for a quilt show and thus must put on sleeves, bind a quilt, cover labels and etc. This week: In: 0 yards Out: - 1.50 yards Net: -1.5 yards (Out) Year to Date: In: 31.5 yards Out: -13 yards Net: 18.50 (In)


  1. Even if you're using just a little, you're moving in the right direction! Keep it up.

  2. well...if youare busy sewing in sleeves and labels and preparing for the quilt show...then you are not fabric shopping, right?!