Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby, it is Cold Outside.....................

It is 7:01 AM about 40 miles north of the Gulf. It is 21 degrees.........brrrrrr. I have never seen it this cold here (of coarse being born in Iowa and living there for many years I have seen it much, much colder). I think this is a record. I have to tell you my Iowa Cold Story. We lived about 4 miles out into the country from Cedar Rapids. Jim, at the time was a deputy sheriff. He was working a late shift. The temperature with the chill factor was a -60 degrees (now that is cold). Since we lived in the country, and the time period is about 1973, our roads were not paved. When the frost melted out of the ground and people drove on it, the result would be ruts that left the road very rough. Then the ruts would freeze. Jim, hops into his car (after warming it up) starts down the road, hits a rut, the dashboard breaks in half. That is probably my best cold, cold story. I also have a few about walking two miles to school in the snow storms and etc. :-) Stay warm..............Sharie

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