Monday, August 31, 2009

What's on my Design Wall

This quilt, I am going to finish this week. I am in the process of putting on borders and then will make a pieced back.
I named this quilt, "Just a Log Cabin." I was working on it, at the shop, and someone said to me something about the quilt, and I said, "it's just a log cabin." I thought, that is a great title, so thus, it is "Just a Log Cabin."
As most people who know me and my quilting, I like lots of color and I like lots of pieces. In the center there is 1872 pieces. The outside border has 22 log cabins in it. I designed the quilt and will make a pattern for it when I am finished.
Hopefully I can post it finished soon.


  1. Well, "just a log cabin" looks like a great place to live!! It's a nice looking quilt, and the fact that you are making a pattern for others to do it to, well, that is going to be very nice indeed!!

  2. Wow. Very Pretty. And although it may 'just be a log cabin' color placement is everything.

  3. Sharie, Your new quilt is beautiful! But I knew it would be. (Ha)