Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kitty Cats

One year ago, in June, there was a black cat in my side yard.  I called him and he came running as fast as he could run, meowing at the top of his lungs and then wrapped himself around my legs.  I thought he looked a bit thin, so I fed him.  :-)   He showed up for another three days and then on the fourth day, I looked out the window and there was a different kitty.  She looked really bad, very thin, her hair looked bad.  So I fed her.  About the fourth day, I looked out and there is the second kitty nursing baby kitties.  I named them, Mama Kitty, Baby Girl Kitty and Baby Boy Kitty. 

Where Black Kitty loved me, Mama Kitty would hiss at me and one year later she is still hissing at me.  To shorten a story, they are still here, they are outdoor kitties and they love my food.  I got Baby Boy fixed and my intentions were to get the girls fixed, but that is not easy with wild cats.  So this month, Mama brings me 5 babies and Baby Girl brings me 2 babies.  Help!!!!  They are going to break me buying kitty food. 


The little kitties still run off when I go outside, but they are getting a little closer to me.  I think in a week or two, I will be able to pick them up and pet them.  Hopefully I can find nice homes for them.   The little black kitty,  came often to eat.  I really believe that he belonged to someone because he was not wild.  He was very friendly.   I think he got run over on Parish Road.  I was over there and there was a dead black kitty by the side of the road.  I never saw him again, so I am sure that it was him.  For those of you who don't know, I have two kitties and a dog in the house.  I have enough pet hair, I really cannot bring in more kitty cats.  They are as safe as I can make them. 
They are very entertaining.  The kitties are doing what kitties do, running, chasing and wrestling.   They keep Jack (the dog) entertained. 
Hope you have had a great day.  We have had rain, rain and more rain.  We are about to float away. 

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