Monday, June 15, 2015

It is Quilt Time

Since I last posted, I entered a quilt show and I finished a top. 

The top is one that I started many moons ago and you can find the story of the quilt farther down in the blog.  There is a mistake in it.  Just in case you find it :-) I am fixing it.  Pattern: Sharie's Quilts of Many Pieces
The three following quilts are the entries in the show.  The show was held at Sulphur, LA and had approximately 300 entries. 

There is Something Figgy Going On - Pattern: Sharie's Quilts of Many Pieces
Eyelashes for a Lady - Pattern:  Judy Neimeyer
Alaska - Nebraska
Pattern: Judy Neimeyer - I added the border
The show was great fun.  I saw many many many quilters that I have not seen for awhile.  The vendors were great, and of course I can always find something to purchase.  There was roughly ten of us for lunch.  Lunch was good and great conversation. 
Tomorrow - I hope - I am going to post about my kitchen and then the following day I hope to post about my kitty cats and then there is - what is on my wall???? 
Hope you all have a great day.


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