Monday, February 6, 2012

Show Quilts

I am almost finished with the show quilts.  The show is in Beaumont, TX this weekend.  I have to have them finished and to my friend, Judy by Wednesday.  My time is cut short because I have an appointment with the back dr. on Wednesday morning.  Today, I had to run to town and have an x-ray.  It looks like I will finish with a little time to spare.  Here's hoping.  I will show pictures in my next blog of them hanging. 

All I have done of late is to work on these quilts.  It will be nice to get my life back and maybe do and think of something else (although I do love quilting).

The weather has changed again, rather typical for this time of year.  It is chilly again.  We are back to jackets and sweatshirts.  We had several days that it was in the 70's.  I have trees leafing out and bushes beginning to bloom.  It looks like an early spring and I hope not an early summer.  We have more summer than we need. 

I just burned my pizza.  I am always burning my pizza.  I have a kitchen timer, I don't know why I don't use it.  Maybe I will learn.  I will eat the pizza anyway. 

Hope all is well with you..............

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  1. Can't wait to go to the Beaumont show and see your quilts. And I think Sharie likes pizza as much as me. LOL. Have a good day!