Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Bias Bee Block

I belong to a bee.  This month our block is for Mardi Gras.  We all make a block and then we draw a name and that person gets all of the blocks.  I embroidered the Mardi Gras on the blocks for the four patch.  Simple, but it will work. 

Victor has the yard mowed.  It is that time of year again.  The Bradford Pear is in bloom.  Within a couple days it will be gorgeous. 

Hope all is well..............


  1. Looks great, love your fabric. Take a picture of everyone's blocks.

  2. Too late..........I didn't see your comment until now. Hopefully the winner will make a quilt (I think Vonda won)and you will get to see it.

  3. I'll post a pic of mine on my blog.. Liz you saw mine on Facebook already.