Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hope you all have a wonderful time Thanksgiving. We will be spending the day with friends, Charles and Evelyn. Victor will be there too. Charles and Evelyn's children, and their children and I am sure a few other people will drop in. The food is always wonderful. The traditions are a little different here in the south then in the north (that is where my family is (all but Vic, he has moved here). I think Vic and I are the only ones in the entire family living south of the Mason Dixon line. My favorite is carrot souffle. I have made a 7 layer dip, mexican style, and a Watergate salad. I am in charge of dinner rolls. I have it easy this year. It looks like it is going to be a super day. The temps are suppose to be 65 as a high and no rain. It is hard to beat that. Today we really have a lovely day. The sky is a beautiful blue, a little breeze and it is 66 degrees. Again, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Sharie

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  1. It turned out beautiful! I knew it would after watching you make the blocks.