Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mariner's Compass

Mariner's Compass
I am still working on the Mariner's Compass.  It is coming along, but this weekend I am going to have to quit working on it because I have another quilt that I must finish.  It is nearly done still needing a border and a pieced border, a pieced back, batting, sandwiching, quilting and binding.  Maybe it will be a ten day project.  Then I can return to the Compass quilt. 

What is new????  Not much here.  Things are about the same.  Everyone headed out this morning for Market at Houston.  I didn't go.  I am going to miss all the fun, but I am going to be richer.  That place is very dangerous for the pocket book.  For those of you who don't know they have Sample Spree on Friday night.  Temptation, temptation, it will part you from the contents of your wallet. 

It looks like rain, but it is not predicted.  It is still warm here - 83 now.   It would actually be good if we did get some rain.  We have not had more than a few drops all month.  October is usually dry.

For those of you who like English history.  I am reading /listening on CD (while I quilt) to a book by Alison Weir.  It is "Innocent Traitor."  It is about Lady Jane Grey.  It had to be tough to be royalty back in the 15th/16th century.  Those people were cold. 

Hope all is well on your end. 

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