Monday, June 6, 2011


I am still having problems with my leg.  I am sure it is sciatica.  I went to the dr. and she has given me meds and I seem to be on the mend.  There is not a lot I can do.  It is hard to hobble around with a cane.  I am still working on my hand project.  As you can see, I have made progress.  Click on the picture and see if you can pick up the pattern of colors. 

I just bought this.  It is a See and Sew.  It has two lights one on the side and one in the back.  Handy storage for all of those little things that seem to get lost especially when you need them.  The sewing machine sits in front of it. 

Look at this little gem.  I found it in San Diego.  It is in almost perfect condition.  Apparently a lady had bought it in 1955.  She sewed on it, some, she moved and the movers put it in the attic.  She thought it was lost.  It was in the attic until she passed and her son was going through her things and found it. 


It is unbelievably hot in Louisiana.  We may get rain today.  I will not hold my breath.  The grass is turning brown.  Louisiana is suppose to be tropical, hot and humid.  Yesterday is was 102 degrees but the humidity was 22 %.  Very unusual for here.  I suppose I should not complain at least the humidity was low, but hot is hot and believe me it was hot. 

Hope all is well on your end...............


  1. You lucky gal...the Featherweight is a gem!

  2. Your piecing is really beautiful! Hope your leg feels much better soon.

  3. 22% humidity...that is unbelievable in Louisiana! Now 102, that is believable. Congratulation on your featherweight! And, I am still loving the hand quilting you are doing. Haven't looked for that pattern yet. And where did you get that gadget for your sewing machine? Looks interesting. Do hope your leg is getting better, that is a bummer

  4. I've been wondering about the See and Sew. You'll have to let us know how you like it after you've used it for a little bit.

  5. That Featherweight is a beauty, you hit the jackpot on that one.

  6. Sharie, The Featherweight is lovely and I'm certain you'll take great care of it. It's ironic that the poor lady had it the entire time but didn't even know.

    Please let us know how you like the see and sew after you've had time to give it a good test run. I hope your leg getting better: can't imagine not being able to get to the studio to play. Mary

  7. I love this design Sharie! hope you feel better soon