Friday, April 8, 2011

On my Agenda..........

I have a busy day ahead.  Lots of little things that need to be done.  Nothing exciting going on.  I went to the Quilts Bayou sale yesterday.  I dropped a few coins, but not too bad.  I bought a new mat.  Mine was getting rather cut up and I had had it for a number of years.  I also bought this little cushion.  It is called The Gypsy Sit Upon.  It is suppose to help your tush, back etc.  I thought it would be great for my chair in the office and also in my sewing room.  I managed to keep my fabric purchase under control.  I only bought 2 pieces of Batik.  Also, 3 pieces to make a pillowcase for my grandson and the other fabric to go with what I already have.  I was very tempted to buy another line of fabric, but I controlled myself and didn't do it.  Hooray for me. 

I have a lot of fabric.  I have decided to make an easy quilt with bigger pieces maybe once a month or when I finish a quilt and before I work on another one that takes a lot of time.  I really need to use up some of this fabric.  I have enough until I am 125 years old.  So thus I have put this little thing together, but it is going to change.  This is only the beginning.  Be sure to come back and see what I do with it.  I found this pattern on the net.  It is called Off the Grid.  I have made it a little larger.  What you see here, will have another row added to it.  It is a nine-patch block.  I have 3 blocks to go. 

This weekend I must work on the Market baskets.  Of course this is a block of the month, so I will be happy if I can get a few of the little baskets made. 

Hope all is well on your end.................


  1. Hi Sharie, I did the same thing, took some time to make a small quilt and of course it isn't finished either, lol. Haven't made any more baskets for market quilt, have to get my Luna Notte finished so the quilter can get it done for me by the middle of May. It will be at least 2 weeks before I get back to the baskets at least. Between doctors and floors, haven't gotten much of anything done. Good to see you posting.

  2. Can't wait to see how you put your "spin" on it.