Monday, July 27, 2009

Hannah's Inspiration

Hannah was my great grandmother's sister. In 1877 she made a quilt with over 10,000 pieces. I found the information in a small article in a Linesville, PA newspaper.

Hannah's Inspiration has 4440 pieces in the center. It has 120 blocks. By time I finished the last block, I never wanted to make another pineapple block again. That has changed, as I am making another pineapple quilt.

Hannah's Inspiration is made with shades of four colors, red, blue, yellow/gold, and green. There is white in some of the fabrics I chose. In the blocks, I used some of the same fabrics, but every block is constructed differently.

And, the back is pieced....................

1 comment:

  1. This is stunning! I like a scrappy pineapple but the outcome can be just too much sometimes. By working with these 4 colours, your quilt looks rich and not too busy. Wonderful!